OnePlus, the New Samsung?

Who is OnePlus

In case you have no idea what OnePlus is, let me fill you in. They’re the new kid in the town and they dropped the OnePlus One. They almost instantly explode in the enthusiast community. OnePlus is a brother company of Vivo, Rino, and some others. They’ve also slowly gained a reputation for “Bang for the Buck” which means value for money.

Fan Base

Fan base is a fascinating topic for both OnePlus and Samsung. If we’re talking about raw numbers, then Samsung takes the crown, no questions asked. However, there is more than that. OnePlus might not have as many fans as Samsung, however, OnePlus have one of the most committed fan bases in all of the tech industry. Just after Apple.


Value for Money

I’m going to split this section into two categories, Flagship and Midrange/Budget. So two possible points for this section. First and foremost, let’s talk Flagship. These are the ones that get all the flashy reviews and media coverage. These types of phones compete on the specification and special features. I’m just going to compare the top-of-the-line flagships from both companies. Samsung has a bigger battery and a better chipset [because the OnePlus 9 isn’t released yet]. OnePlus is cheaper, has an internationally unified chipset. They both have their pros and cons so it comes down to personal preference. I call this a draw, but if you favor one over the other, then feel free to add personal points for them.




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Zachary Leung

Zachary Leung

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